May 2, 2023

Alrow-titles covers defense policy throughout Scandinavia

On 2 May, 2023 Altinget Forsvar's first Norwegian newsletter is sent to political readers. This will be Altinget Norway's sixth niche.

"From the start in October 2022, we have seen the need for a niche professional political media on defense policy. This field is extremely relevant, both from a Norwegian and an international perspective. The armed forces of Norway, NATO and the EU are facing a major restructuring which will dominate the political debate and demand tough political priorities. We want to be close to that, says editor-in-chief of Altinget Norge Veslemøy Østrem.

Altinget Forsvar will follow Norwegian and international defense and security policy closely. Neighboring countries Sweden and Finland are on their way into NATO, and the role of the Arctic and the EU in defense and security policy has become more central.

With the Altinget Forsvar in Denmark, the Altinget Säkerhet in Sweden and the new Norwegian media, the Altinget covers defense policy throughout Scandinavia.

"With its skilled defense journalists in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Brussels, the Alting has a unique opportunity to bring a Nordic perspective to its readers," points out Østrem.