Oluf Høst

In 1996 Alrow Media-owner Rasmus Nielsen on a voluntary basis, took the initiative to establish a museum, Oluf Høst Museet. Made for the great Danish painter and colourist Oluf Høst (1884-1966) in the fisherman’s village Gudhjem (”Home of God”) on the island Bornholm south of Sweden and north of Poland.

For the benefits of visitors of the museum (ohmus.dk) and the visitors of alrow.media we present the film, made by Rasmus in 1994-2000 – a portrait of Oluf Høst as an artist and a human being. App. 60 minutes. » Go there

In 2020 Rasmus Nielsen published his recordings made in 1997 with the son of the artist.
In fluent local dialect the son recorded some thought-provoking words noted by his father through the years in his diaries, called ”logbøger”. The release is funded by Alrow Media and made available to the Oluf Høst Museet. » Go there

Also by midsummer of 2020, Oluf Høst gained an impressive record, when a famous and over the years often exhibited and published painting from 1956, Saint Hans Bonfire, on an auction in Copenhagen passed a magic limit of 1 million Danish kroner including costs (app. €135.000). News coverage in local TV 2/Bornholm